How to Prepare for your New Pet

So, are you looking to add a pet? This is the perfect time for your family! Take this opportunity and connect with our shelters. We have pets that would love an owner just like YOU!! Whether it’s because of work commitments or personal preferences there may be options available dependent on what type of animal interests everyone in your household. However, if any member of your family has concerns about their health, they should definitely talk those things over before making the decision to become a Pet Guardian.
We know that adopting a new pet comes with so much change for both you and your furry friend, which can sometimes make it hard to keep up. To help ease the transition into this exciting life as parents of an adorable pup or kitty (or both!), we put together these helpful guidelines!
It’s never too late either; many people find themselves changing plans
Congratulations on taking home another wonderful member-they’re going through quite the process too but don’t worry they’ll get there eventually 🙂

Things to consider: