Welcome to Love Pet Rescue! We are here to help you find your perfect pet, whether that’s an adoptable dog or cat. Whether it will be a companion for life with one simple call!
Have a question about adopting? These links will get you started! If there is an issue that we can help with, please contact us.

If you’re looking for an adoptable pet, Love Pet Rescue can help find the perfect one! The site offers more than 11,500 searchable listings from shelters and rescue groups across North America – simply enter your zip code below or use “Find Your New Best Friend” to get started immediately.

With Love Pet Rescue being updated regularly, we recommend that you check back or create a saved search email alert to be notified when new pets matching your criteria are added.

When you adopt from pet rescue, it’s not just a matter of getting any old animal. Each adoption group has their own rules and requirements for adopting pets so please reach out to the specific organization if you’re interested in one, listed on our website.

Love Pet Rescue is a great way to find an animal companion in need of homes. The website has over 11,500 listings for adoptable pets from across North America!

For those who want more control over where they’re going and what kind of pet it will be – Love Pet Rescue provides that option with its searchable database which includes nearly every local group or shelter near you so long as proceeds go towards funding their operations (which most do). Each adoption group on our site has different policies and procedures, so please check with the individual groups about what they require.

It was so nice of you to think adoption first. We are glad that each shelter and rescue group has its own process for adopting out pets, because we don’t want anyone doing something they’ll later regret. However – if your heart is really set on finding this particular animal their forever home then please feel free to contact us as well–we’d love help facilitating all possible opportunities 🙂

Whether you’re looking for a dog or cat, there’s an animal shelter that will make your heart melt. They all need love and care. So please help us find homes by contacting the appropriate authorities below if this describes one of their pets who needs adoption ASAP.

Our shelter outreach staff has verified that all of the adoption groups on Petfinder are legitimate and caring organizations. If you ever have any concerns about a listing, please contact us so we can check and validate. You can find all of the animal shelters and rescue groups on our site by going through an application process. They must also provide a letter from their primary veterinarian verifying that they are healthy enough for adoption, so it’s important not just to apply, but if possible, have this done beforehand as well.