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Give Your Pets The Exercise They Need And Visit The Nearest Dog Park

Give Your Pets The Exercise They Need And Visit The Nearest Dog Park

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Standard Expectations When Looking For A Pleasant Dog Park To Visit

Material For Cleaning Up After Dogs

(bags and garbage cans)

Having basic sanitation available for your dog is a must. Bags, associated materials, and garbage cans available at a dog park are essential in preventing diseases. The longer dog waste stays on the ground, the greater the contamination becomes. It protects your dog and others, especially at off-leash dog parks.

Drinking Water And Shade

Your canine pals need a break from the heat and play occasionally. Having available and safe places for them to cool off with shade and water is necessary at a dog park! Shade keeps dogs from being over-exposed to the elements, especially if it’s hot.

Enough Space To Avoid Crowding

Small enclosed spaces are an overlooked part of searching for a good dog park. Small, overcrowded parks significantly increase the chance that dog fights and other inappropriate behaviours occur. A well-structured dog park will let your canine friend explore the environment while socializing with other dogs peacefully.

Secondary Attributes Dog Parks Should Have To Make The Experience Memorable

No 90-degree Angles In The Fence

Fencing at 90° angles will allow dogs to corner other dogs. This behaviour encourages unwanted interactions, which often escalates the situation for all the wrong reasons. A rounded, fenced area will prevent this from happening and make it easier for dogs to escape if they find themselves in that place.

Several Entrance And Exit Gates If Park Is Fenced

A well-constructed dog park is solidly fenced with several entrances where newcomers can enter. Having only one entry and exit will encourage dogs to gather and overcrowd that area. That can increase dog fights or cause dogs to slip through and escape when given a chance!

Special Enclosed Areas For Smaller Dogs

(e.g., under 20 lbs)

Small and large dog interactions can make any dog owner anxious. Any exceptional dog park will have a separate area reserved for smaller dogs to prevent roughhousing between smaller and larger dogs. It will keep them safe from harm while still giving them a place to socialize!

Fun Stuff

(agility equipment, etc.)

Having different amenities at a dog park will give your canine friend a much more enjoyable time there. Varied terrain, agility equipment, and other accessories will give your dog plenty of chances to keep them environmentally engaged. It’s also a fun way to have dogs interact with each other.

Why Do Your Pets Need To Go To A Dog Park And Not Another Park?

As a pet owner, you have the responsibility of keeping your pets healthy by providing the right food and exercise. However, not all pet owners can provide a spacious backyard for their dogs to keep active.

In these cases, it is best to look for a dog park rather than a normal park. Here are the reasons why you should take your dogs to a dog park:

Letting your dogs play in a dog park can help keep them active and healthy. However, you must check the dog park for cleanliness. If the dog park is unsafe and dirty, your dogs may get injured or contract diseases while playing.

Health Benefits of Dog Walking

Regular Exercise At A Dog Park

Taking your dog walking regularly provides multiple benefits including improved physical and mental health for both you and your dog. Obesity is one of the leading causes of health problems in pets. It has been linked to heart diseases, osteoarthritis, insulin resistance, and liver diseases. By keeping your dog active through regular dog walking, your pets can be more fit and avoid obesity and the problems associated with it. Also, taking your pets to off leash dog parks allows them to see and smell new things, which will spark their attention.

Regular dog walking will keep you healthy and fit. You will burn calories, improve your cardiovascular fitness, strengthen your muscles and bones, lower your blood pressure, and relieve stress and anxiety. There is also the opportunity for you to meet other pet owners, broaden your social circle and improve your social skills.

Social Benefits of Dog Walking

Meet New People At A Dog Park

Regular dog walking and visits to your local dog park can provide benefits for you and your pet/s. But did you know, dog walking can also be beneficial to the community?

Research shows that dog owners are more approachable and friendlier. Pet owners are more likely to greet and acknowledge other people while walking their dogs. And other people tend to return the greeting, creating a better relationship within the community. Pet owners also exchange favors with each other, especially pet sitting or dog walking. Some people might be busy and unable to walk their dogs. This is a good opportunity to reach out and meet neighbors or people in the community.

Tips And Reminders To Make The Most Of Your Dog Walking And Dog Park Visit

To enjoy your time with your pets and avoid problems, you need to be prepared. At Love Pet Rescue, we listed some tips and reminders to help you enjoy your time walking your dog and spending time at off leash dog parks.

Now you are ready to go to a dog park near you!

Know How To Combat Signs Of Bad Dog Behaviours At A Dog Park


Ensure you’re doing your best to relieve your dog from the situation. Try to leave the dog park as calmly as you can to prevent the moment from escalating. Also, see if your dog is the problem. Keep an eye out for consistently aggressive dogs and avoid areas where they are present.

Fear And Shyness

Allow your dog to retreat and relax if they feel uncomfortable and shy. Be careful not to overstimulate or force interaction! If it’s possible, try to find a dog park with a larger area to let them explore at their own pace.


If your dog is too “comfortable” or getting “attention” that it shouldn’t be receiving, do your best to disrupt the situation. You don’t want to encourage that behaviour from carrying on too long. This action can cause unwanted stress on yours or another person’s dog.


Just as aggression can get overwhelming, so does persistent bullying. Notice if your dog or another dog gets too excited when playing. Other dogs will take the interaction a different way, so watch out! Calmly remove yours or another’s dog from the situation.


Certain dog breeds are much more energetic and unruly compared to others. Sometimes it’s the lack of stimulation, exercise and playtime that make encourages this behaviour. Try to calmly remove your dog from the situation if you find them being troubled by an energetic dog.


Dogs that don’t listen to their owners for commands are problematic. If you notice a dog being disobedient for all the wrong reasons (rather than refusing to leave a wonderful dog park), try to get your dog as far away from the situation as possible. It’s a meltdown ready to happen!