The cats of today may not be as scary and bad-tempered as those from centuries past, they might just steal your breath away with their cuteness! You are on your way to an incredible journey that will reward you with years of love, joy and happiness. To make the transition as smooth for both parties involved, we’ve compiled this list to help guide your way through all those changes – from learning about how cats behave (and what they need) right down their favorite activities or games when it’s just time for some playtime action.

  • How will you take care of your new cat while on vacation or when working overseas?
  • What kind and age are the pets in your current home, if any (e.g., dog)?
  • Is there room for this animal to play outside without danger from traffic etc.?
  • Will it get along well with other animals already present at first sight even though they may have different personalities/tempers?
  • Do you live with people who are cat-loving compatriots of the feline variety? If so, this may be a great match!
  • Do you think they will be stressed or unhappy at home? Often enough that it’s affecting their health and behavior problems. Pets quickly pick up on stress in homes – do yours act out by scratching furniture leg when there isn’t actually anything beneath his paws to attack but rather, he wants attention from his human family member(s).