About Us

About Love Pet Rescue

In the US, there are over 3,500 animal shelters, 4.1 million animals adopted and 810,000 stray animals returned to their guardians annually. *In total, over 90.5 million families share their household with a pet. Our community platform will serve as the ultimate “hub” for these families to acquire the information they need to find and keep their furry family members safe, happy, and healthy.
Love Pet Rescue is a unique non-profit business model that will benefit the pet guardian community, as well as shelters, humane rescues, and ethical dog services across the country. The majority of shelters are overpopulated with animals, understaffed, and generally underfunded. Many factors contribute to the overpopulation issue, which includes a lack of information for existing and future pet guardians, and access to affordable, easily accessible resources and services. Pet guardians need a platform to ask their questions and locate any resources they may need to keep their animals happy and healthy.

Our Mission

The ultimate goal of Love Pet Rescue is to create a space which will be the premier community platform for pet owners, as well as a legitimate resource for everything a new pet guardian may need (veterinary hospitals, veterinarians, affordable pet medications, transportation, dog walkers, day care/boarding services, pet supplies, low-cost clinics, etc.).
Love Pet Rescue exists to support shelters in need of food, equipment, and other essentials in order to keep their doors open and continue to accept abandoned, surrendered, and neglected animals. Love Pet Rescue’s charitable services will support these shelters ensuring their doors remain open, in order to serve the community, and the homeless vulnerable animals across the United States.
* 2021-2022 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association